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"Long Before You" Review

Artist Mystic Levello continues his admirable artistic experimentation with the dazzling new single, ‘Long Before You’. Merging uplifting folk chords with a stylish rhythm and dreamy vocals, there is a true sense of unification between the elements. Levello is a skilled musician, not just in his unique voice, but in his ability to bring layers of inspiration and genre to a single, streamlined sound. This makes ‘Long Before You’ an ethereal wave of an experience to listen to.

Intimacy is a feeling that is forefronted in ‘Long Before You’. Mystic Levello sings with a conversational tone, full of control and careful enunciation, as he reflects on the sheer preciousness of our Earth. In a time where to pause and reflect is deemed unproductive, Mystic Levello gives us that well-needed moment to stop and look around at what nature has given us - and what we are losing due to our actions. 

The lyricism is poignant and anecdotal, full of historical and natural imagery: “Long before you long before Adam met Eve / she was around, planting the world with her seeds / she gave us the land, the beaches, the sandy seas / giving us life, a place in the sun to breathe.” From Mystic Levello’s view on the world, it is a work of art. It is the result of craft and thought, from another person whose gardening has given us the ultimate blossom. Although it captures a time long before us, we feel personally connected through our humanity and shared admiration for what the world provides. 

The balance between religious retellings and mystical actions produces a beautiful vision of nature being more than us. ‘Long Before You’, simply, is a spiritual experience as much as a song to sing along to.

However, aside from the undeniable beauty that Levello’s lyricism has conjured up, there is a larger purpose to ‘Long Before You’. The song is a warning of loss which reaches its climax with the melancholy shift in the chorus. As we are addressed with collective responsibility, an undercurrent of low-tone synths occupy the instrumentation. The light-hearted strum of the guitar mutes to meandering notes as Mystic Levello sings: “She knows that we’re in danger / lost / out of touch / she only talks to angels / she only looks with love.” Levello has a well-balanced skill in his lyricism, crafting serious subject matter with a small spark of hope. Whilst we are evidently in trouble, Levello’s imagery of Eve is still a figure of benevolence and reassurance. It is the perfect way to both highlight the extent to which our world needs us to help, and that we can do so.

Mystic Levello further introduces spoken-word elements, which is extremely effective in helping the direct mode of address the song aims to achieve. Such aspects such as spoken-word, predominantly acoustic instruments and percussions, define ‘Long Before You’ as a quintessential New Age song. The arrangement of the track encourages space for the listener to think and reflect, whilst establishing a trance-like rhythm to focus with. 

On the other hand, the sheer unfiltered honesty of Mystic Levello’s brilliant lyrics means that ‘Long Before You’ dabbles in the prospect of being a protest song. With the current age of climate emergency and rapid environmental deterioration, there is an undeniable sense of urgency to be proactive in the here and now - something which Levello perfect portrays in this track. While we may enjoy the aesthetic and genre elements of the song (in all their polished production), ‘Long Before You’ cuts deeper than most current releases. Mystic Levello demonstrates his distinctive artistry is as much an environmental cause as it is an art form, and does so with a determination audible to all.
Review from Faye Williamson
February 2021


"Long Before You" Review

Recording artist Mystic Levello is a rare talent - the kind who is always ready and willing to actually try new things, taking his music to the next level and defying all expectations, while still maintaining an incredibly catchy and creative tone. He has developed a heartfelt sound, at times reminiscent of some of the most timeless new age music, at times reminiscent of fusion and folk.

His most recent release is a perfect example of the artist’s quest for ongoing creativity and his thirst for expanding his musical horizon. The song is titled “Long Before You (Look With Love).” The song has a beautiful and playful acoustic guitar pattern, which perfectly matches the artist’s understated and imitate vocal style. In addition to that, I really love the percussion backdrop, featuring some African-style bongo tones in 16th notes, keeping up a nice pace and adding an Afro-beat twist to the rest of the drum kit, consisting of a basic kick, a smooth hi-hat sound and a snare often performed with a softer sound. The choruses change slightly, with the ride cymbal replacing the hi-hat in order to give the tune a more open vibe to it. The vocal sound has a very poetic and almost conversational feel to it, because Mystic Levello is an amazing storyteller, he his able to evoke strong feelings with his sound and he loves to create beautiful lyrics that are so iconic. This is a dreamy and romantic song, which makes me think of artists as diverse as Don McLean, Jack Johnson, as well as Bob Dylan, Dead Rituals, and Cat Stevens, only to mention but a few.  The first thing that will immediately jump at you is the soothing and emotionally evocative soundscape delivered by this very gifted artist.

Mystic Levello is amazing at building ambiance with his songs, layering multiple sounds, without ever “muddying up” the tone of his releases. This is definitely the case with “Long Before You (Look With Love), which appears so incredibly dynamic and balanced.
Review from Band Camp Diaries
February 2021




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