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"Someone Who Can Change" Review

Mystic Levello is back with a fantastic new studio work: Someone Who Can Change (“Try To Be A Someone Who Can Change")

Mystic Levello has always made a huge impression with listeners due to his ability to combine honest and spiritually deep music with tuneful sounds and wonderful production aesthetics. There is much more than entertainment to Mystic Levello’s music. His songs are filled with meaning and they share a positive message with the audience, combining catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics, while also exploring a wide variety of influences, including adult contemporary, folk, indie-pop, acoustic ballads, and even hints of soul music.

His most recent studio release is a beautiful track titled Someone Who Can Change (also known as "Try To Be A Someone Who Can Change). This song has a personal and lush sound, with lyrics that explore deep and insightful topics related to personal growth and transformation through life. It’s so easy to get stuck in our usual routines, and even if we know that we would be better off by changing and letting go of bad habits, it is not always easy to do so. This song is a warm encouragement to try and become a type of person who can indeed embrace change. It might seem easy to do so, but it takes a lot of courage to change when you’re set in your ways. “And you can tell me how it use to be, what good is that, if that’s now history, so try to be a someone who could can change”

This song has a positive aura, and it is very inspiring, going for a one-of-a-kind tone, as it particularly speaks about those people who are always willing to believe in every word they’re told without digging deeper and trying to understand the true facts: “Believing every word they’re told as if they’re really facts without the evidence or signs to prove, never really knowing there’s a source beyond the shadows spinning stories, just to hide what’s true” The song kicks off with a soothing and immersive piano intro, and it quickly morphs into a smooth verse. The percussive arrangement is very soft, yet assertive in the way it seamlessly gives the song a groove and a rhythm. Mystic Levello’s vocals are really soothing and soft-spoken in the verses, as he explores the lower registers in his vocals. However, he goes for a higher register during the choruses, while also layering his vocals in a very beautiful way. His singing actually makes me think of legendary artists such as David Bowie and Elton John, while also being incredibly personal and one-of-a-kind. This song comes from the heart, and every note is emotional and perfectly placed within the mix.

Ultimately, this song comes as yet another remarkable addition to Mystic Levello’s discography, as well as a great display of the artist’s songwriting skills. The song also affirms Mystic Levello as an artist who is incredibly creative and unique, avoiding to get stuck in the usual norms of the genre, while also straddling the line between styles in order to come up a more intuitive and one-of-a-kind feel. If you take a deeper dive into the artist’s discography on streaming platforms, you’ll find that he actually has so much great material out there, and with every song, he explores a topic, providing a smooth and soothing soundtrack for his listeners. In the tradition of the best songwriters out there, Mystic Levello makes music that defies cliches and expectations, going for an unparalleled sound.
Review from Band Camp Diaries
July 2021


"Someone Who Can Change" Review

Mystic Levello takes his musicality to the next level with his new single ‘Someone Who Can Change’.... Philosophic singer Mystic Levello spins magic with a pinch of thoughtfulness in his new song ‘Someone Who Can Change’ that enthralls the listener at every level.

Wishing to change a world that constantly tells you to abide by its rules is a serious challenge. Aimed to change that narrative with his great musical endeavors, artist Mystic Levello has emerged on the scene with another impactful sound titled ‘Someone Who Can Change’. The singer possesses the ability to draw attention with his refreshing and classic melodies and has done that yet again with his latest release. The song urges humanity to bring change in society and has used the most meaningful and poetic verses to depict his intentions. The soundscape mesmerizingly fuses the traditional harmonies with the singer’s timeless voice that offers moments of epiphany. The artist’s soul-stirring vocal tune churns out the intended message in the best possible manner to captivate the attention.

Mystic Levello has always aimed at creating sounds that spark certain emotions in the listeners and has always succeeded to do it with his infectious sounds. The song ‘Someone Who Can Change’ also means, try to be someone who can bring the change, and the words penetrate deep into the mind that causes self-reflection. The song has a very playful and appropriately tuned musical setup that expands the artist’s intimate vocal style. Many people believe in misinformation and the song implores how we need to think for ourselves as well as for the people around us with a different perspective. A beautiful thought and an even soothing fusion of several heart-warming tunes, the song is sure to compel the listener to pause and reflect on the intention for a moment, and likely long after the music ends.
Review from Daily Music Roll 2021


"Someone Who Can Change" Review

 Mystic Levello’s Powerful Message of Change

Mystic Levello has become a frequent and welcome guest here at The Static Dive. Since late in 2020 the insightful and prolific artist has delivered a dozen singles. Through a series of thought-provoking originals and well chosen cover songs he explores different facets of the human condition. His songs are sometimes deeply personal while others take a broad view of society as a whole. In each case, he opens our eyes to a perspective which we may not have considered before.

“Someone Who Can Change” is the latest single from Mystic Levello, released worldwide to all major streaming services on July 17, 2021. On the new single he sings directly to the divisions of our modern world. The song is a reaction to the social media noise and myopic, angry political debate that surrounds us all. With a simple and intimate arrangement of instruments, he suggests we listen rather than scream.

The singer calls on us all to let go of our own stubborn resolve and be open to the fact that reality is more nuanced than is suggested by the sound bites to which we cling. He delivers his message with exactly the right direct tone and matter-of-fact common sense that we all need to hear. He does so with a string of really clever lyrics like, “You can live inside your fantasy and never see your own insanity.” In many ways this song is in perfect alignment with one of the biggest issues facing our world today.

“Someone Who Can Change” is currently available on many of the popular streaming platforms as well as the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist on spotify. Get in the loop on the rich back catalog and future music to come from this extremely talented and visionary artist.
Review from Bob Smith, Static Dive
July 2021


"Someone Who Can Change" Review

Step into a magical world of self-exploration with Mystic Levello’s new single ‘Someone Who Can Change’.... Mystic Levello draws attention towards another important message with his latest melody ‘Someone Who Can Change’ which is sure to add more value to his body of musical works.

Fearless to add vocal to his thoughts and perceptions, an artist who is slowly but steadily bringing change in the industry and amongst the people with his self-reflective compositions is Mystic Levello. While thinking about humanity and trying to implement necessary changes for mankind, the brilliant artist has penned down his new song ‘Someone Who Can Change’. Change is the only constant in this mundane life and the artist with his brilliant writing skills has meaningfully shed light on the thought. The immersive words intertwined with the soft melodies and performed gracefully with his charming yet impactful voice sound like a timeless classic.

The song on a genuine level touches the heart. The impeccable songwriter doesn’t need any heavy-weighted instrumental sounds to state his point but lets his entrancing vocals win the hearts effortlessly. The song reflects on the reality we live in and emphasizes how everyone in the world is living life with so much misinformation. Asking the audience to be someone who can bring change and introduce a new perspective, the sounds creates a mellow space in the listener’s heart in which the lyrics breathe freely. The enigmatic singer’s soulful vocal melody takes the production in a new direction as it meanders freely on the introspective harmonies.

Mystic Levello’s compositions have always reflected on the truth of life as the singer believes in communicating introspective and meaningful songs to make an impact on society. The song ‘Someone Who Can Change’ sets the bar higher for others in terms of storytelling and creativity and the singer connects with the audience, especially due to his in-depth vocal tune. The song is personal and the singer has managed to offer an intimate touch by implementing mesmerizing melodic structures throughout. A master in communicating universal themes with utmost authenticity.
Review from Charles Edward, DMR
July 2021




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